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Coloured Labels

Fluoro Green
Fluoro Red (Orange)

Screen representation of colour should be regarded as a guide only


Printed Coloured Barcode Labels for easier identification

44 x 20mm only

$82.50 per thousand (minimum 1000 labels)

prices include GST

Freight, handling & insurance, generally $21.90 per order

Silver Grey Metallic Colour

Screen representation of colour should be regarded as a guide only.

Silver Mylar labels are recommended for assets. They are a much stronger material than standard labels. The barcode is burnt on at a higher temperature using full resin thermal ribbon & print is more resistant to abrasion damage. ABA has tested these in a dishwasher on a number of occasions. The only damage was when a blob of wet but un-dissolved caustic powder ate into the surface of a label. Otherwise the heat & water, including dissolved chemicals had no effect.

The standard sizes that we carry are 44 x 20 mm, 35 x 17 mm or 30 x 10 mm.

Generally, labels with large Headers or large numbers (ie see Oasis, Bookmark, Microfusion. Ocelot on the previous Standard Label page) are printed on the 44 x 20 mm label. Others on the smaller 35 x 17mm or 30 x 10 mm label.

The minimum order is 1000 labels.

These types of labels are generally printed once a week on a Friday but may be done sooner if urgent.

44 x 20mm, $146.00 per thousand (minimum 1000 labels)

35 x 17mm, $115.00 per thousand (minimum 1000 labels)

30 x 10mm, Straight Format Only $115.00 per thousand (minimum 1000 labels)

First time orders for any size attract a setup cost of $48.30, not repeated for future similar labels.

Miscellaneous Labels:

DVD & CD Labels:

These gloss paper labels have a 15mm centre hole to line up with the disc. The centre piece which remains can be printed with a duplicate of the barcode number to attach to the DVD case or booklet etc.

  • Standard do-nut shape, 34mm diameter, suitable for smaller barcodes. Price is $82.50 per thousand (minimum)
  • Dome shape with a larger 40mm base to accommodate larger barcodes such as Oasis / Alice, Microfusion, Bookmark, Ocelot & their similar variants. Price is $82.50per thousand (minimum)

There is also a setup cost of $48.30 which is not repeated for future similar labels.

EAN (GS1) Labels

Optional Header(Name)

EAN (GS1) numbers typical of supermarket & other retail outlets are unique to each specific product. Please contact GS1 Australia, phone 1300 366 033 to obtain your unique barcode number(s).
All Barcodes Australia can print adhesive barcode labels to attach to your items, once you have obtained your unique number from GS1 Australia. EAN (GS1) 13 barcode labels are available on 40 x 39 mm Gloss Paper labels. These can include a Header (Name), Barcode & Barcode Number. If space on your product / package does not permit the above size labels please contact us for smaller label options. The price is $82.50 per thousand.
If you intend to incorporate a barcode image as part of overall item or packaging design you should talk to your package designer. All Barcodes Australia cannot provide this image.

There is also a setup cost of $48.30 which is not repeated for future similar labels.

You may order online, by phone, fax or email

Spine Labels:

Spine Labels for laser & inkjet printers are supplied in sets of 20 A4 sheets. Available sizes are:

  • 21.2 x 38.1 mm, 65 labels per sheet, 1300 labels per 20 sheets.
  • 25 x 19 mm, 84 labels per sheet, 1680 labels per 20 sheets.
  • 20 x 20 mm, 126 labels per sheet, 2520 labels per 20 sheets.

Price is $31.20 per 20 sheets.

Also available are 20 x 20 mm white matt synthetic labels that can be used for hand written labels. Price is $39.00 per roll of 2000 labels. If you like we may be able to pre-print these labels with text or an image. Please contact ABA.

Other Labels:

Please contact us for other options.

Label Dispenser:

As the backing is pulled from the dispenser the label peels away for easy removal.

Description: 105mm wide, metal / plastic construction, rubber feet.
Suitable for our standard Barcode Labels and Coloured Labels. They are not suitable for the Silver Mylar Labels.

Price $65.90 each.

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